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Introducing the Fitsticks® Exercise System.​

Fitsticking™ is a fun, effective, simple, and exciting new way for anyone to improve their overall health! Whether you are an exercise beginner or expert, young or old, healthy or rehabbing, the Fitsticks® Exercise System is adaptable to meet your specific health goals!

15 Second Assembly

A few simple twists are all it takes to assemble your new Fitsticking™ poles.

Add Water Resistance

A simple way of customizing resistance to meet your specific workout or rehab goals.


Begin Your Workout

You’re ready to go!  And, of course, we recommend Fitsticking™ to your favorite music!

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  • Interchangeable poles to adapt to your size & preferences
  • Dual bases & water resistance containers
  • T-handle for two-hand grip (perfect for rehab)
  • Stretch band (for “rowing” technique)
  • Carpeted mat for your new Fitsticks®

Fitsticks® = fitness that’s fun for ALL!

Whether you’re seeking a calorie-burning cardio workout or an adjustable rehab exercise that’s easy on the joints, Fitsticks® does it all! It’s truly enjoyable and anyone can do it! If you’re working out with Fitsticks®, you’re on the way to better overall health.

Shop the all-in-one system.

Fitsticks® are great for: the average person looking to improve overall health • the exercise enthusiast looking for a challenging cardio workout • the working person seeking short workouts at home or in the office • the stay-at-home Mom looking for a quick & simple living room workout • the elderly person who needs to do a simple workout from a couch or wheelchair • the recuperating person seeking a customizable way to set & achieve rehab goals