Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I properly put the stretch band on my Fitsticks to secure the bases together?                                                                      

If you purchased the All-in-one Fitsticking system, then you received a stretch band that can secure your two Fitstick bases together for tandem Fitsticking and Fit-rowing.  Simply slide the band over the end of your Fitsticking poles and all the way down to the bottom of the poles (just above where each connects to the base via the black bolt).  This picture indicates where the band should be.  The two bases can overlap each other once secured together and the entire unit will glide perfectly along a carpeted surface in tandem!

  2.  My Fitstick water containers came with a slight dent… Is this a problem?   

No, this will not impact the performance of your containers or product in any way.  The water containers provided with your Fitsticking bases are simply gallon jugs that are prone to dent at times.  Fitsticks LLC does not guarantee that your water containers will be or remain free of dents.  We also do not guarantee against future leakage of your water containers around the lid.  The gallon containers we provide are a simple means of providing water resistance, however, you may also purchase your own gallon containers from many retailers, as these containers are a standard gallon size that is available at numerous stores at an inexpensive price.

3.  How tight should I tighten the poles when twisting together?

Poles should NOT be overtightened.  Only twist until poles are securely in place, without over-tightening. 

4.  Can I use my Fitsticks on hard surfaces?  What about on my carpet or on a mat I already have at home?

This product is only designed to glide seamlessly on soft, carpeted surfaces.  That is why we provide a carpeted mat with each unit.  Fitsticks are never to be used in direct contact with a hard surface, as it will scratch the product and/or the surface.  To use the product over hardwood flooring, the carpeted mat MUST be utilized to avoid scratching the floor.  You may choose to use this product on your own carpet, however, please know that your carpet may experience wearing that Fitsticks LLC will not be liable for.    Also, Fitsticks LLC will not be responsible for scratching that occurs to either the product or flooring when the product is not used on the carpeted mat provided.